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Meet Ann


Ann Chiasson has been Building Relationships in real estate since 1981. Living in Whistler since 1977 has given her perspective on an ever-changing real estate market which has provided a skill set to overcome obstacles no matter what the economy is doing. Developing a world class Pedestrian Village and two major Ski Mountains along with challenging golf courses, makes Whistler an incredible place to learn about development and tourism. Ann has a background in consulting so her goal has always been to give her clients a full service experience where they become part of the fabric in the community. Many of her clients become friends and most keep their properties for many years because they purchase the right property.

Ann is well known in Luxury Real Estate circles around the world – she sits on several advisory boards including Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate and AFIRE (Awesome Females in Real Estate) and is currently the Vice Chair of the Whistler Film Festival. Ann has travelled to China and Europe several times and has met several influential people that are working with her to create a bridge with Canada for business and development. She works with her son Matt who has a marketing degree from McGill and together they assist their clients to experience Whistler from an insider’s perspective.

Working as a RE/MAX COLLECTION Agent sets Ann apart as she has represented many of the high end sales in Whistler over the years. Her association with Shang Cheng Luxury Lifestyle and Luxury Real Estate along with the RE/MAX COLLECTION provide a solid platform for the future.

Ann and Matt are available to give you a personal property tour in Whistler and look forward to introducing you to our fantastic lifestyle!



Ann Chiasson自1981年以来,在地产专业上建立了无数的关系。1977年来生活在惠斯勒给予了她在瞬息万变的房地产市场上有着不同的观点,和提供了不管在什么经济情况下都能克服障碍的能力。开发了世界一流的步行村和两个大型滑雪山以及具有挑战性的高尔夫球场,使得惠斯勒成为得到开发和旅游知识的最佳城市。Ann咨询的背景,让她为客户提供全方位服务和融入社区的结构。她和许多客户成为朋友,大部分的客户都长期持有他们的地产,因为Ann为他们选择和购买了合适的物业。

Ann在世界各地的豪华地产界众所周知- 她坐在几个咨询委员会上,包括谁是谁在豪华房地产, AFIRE (真棒房地产女性) ,和惠斯勒电影节副主席。Ann数次前往中国和欧洲,并会见了一些在国际地产上有影响力的人,创建了一个与加拿大业务和发展的桥梁。她与她儿子Matt毕业于McGills大学市场营销学位,一起协助他们的客户从内行人的角度体验惠斯勒。

作为RE / MAX工作收集代理的集安,除了她曾代表许多在惠斯勒多年来的高端销售。她与尚城豪华的生活方式和豪华房地产RE / MAX集合提供了坚实的平台的未来。



Sea to Sky Real Estate offers

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* Sea to Sky Real Estate is synonymous with real estate round the world. With LRE and The RE/MAX Collection as our main affilaites, Sea to Sky Real Estate will continue to set ourselves apart from our competitors as a leading provider of customer service and innovative marketing. We introduce new clients to the benefits of buying property in the Sea to Sky Corridor which includes Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the Southern Gulf Islands.  Sea to Sky Premier Properties is our boutique luxury division with specialists in The Gulf Islands, Vancouver, and Whistler.

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